One Minute of Dance a Day

After 10 years devoted primarily to collective artistic activity (to which I am still intensely committed) and 5 years of doctoral research, I now feel the need for a personal project involving the research directions I have developed and shared with others, particularly with Le Corps Collectif (The Collective Body) and my movement workshops: a micro-political local relationship with the environment, with diverse places, persons, and materials / somatic work with the consciousness of the body in motion and expanded or modified states of perception / connections to oscillatory/vibratory life / alternatives to representation / performative engagement in the moment / oscillation between personal and public space / somatic-esthetic-political interaction. 

I live in Paris. On January 7, 2015, the evening of the Charlie Hebdo attack, I was deeply shaken. I came up with the project One Minute of Dance Every Day to manifest a sensitive and poetic presence in the world and connect heterogeneous intensities by putting myself into play, alone or in relation to others. I wanted to assign myself a daily action, small but concrete and reiterated, coherent with my beliefs and working towards a living poetry, while at the same time creating a distinct, discrete work of art (the reason I number my dances). 

This single minute requires hours of work each day. Until I complete it, it haunts me. Once it’s out there, I let go of all other potential minutes for the rest of the day. I want to meet this challenge; it’s a dare to myself that I accept as a new artistic commitment in addition to my commitment to The collective Body.


So, ever since January 14, 2015, I’ve been posting one minute of dance to this blog every day, simply, without editing or effects, in the place and state of mind I find myself that day, with no special technique, staging, clothing, or makeup, nothing but what is there.


A chinese saying says : Drop by drop, the water eventually passes trough the stone.

(水滴石穿 : water - drop - stone - drill, pass trough)

It means that a minimal and repeated action eventually has a big effect. This thought inspired me when setting up the project of One Minute of Dance a Day :

The water drops are my daily danses, infinitesimal, interstitial, unarmed, with no shields.

The stone is the hardening of the world, the everincreasing separation between certain strata, communitarianism, hierarchy, consumerism, obscurantism, the uncoupling of human and nature (environnement, animals, plants), the lack of a poetic active dimension in everyday life.

I hope the beat of this butterfly wings will connect to the dance of a few stars in the night sky.


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The performance project One Minute of Dance a Day is an original work of authorship subject to copyright.  

© N. Vadori-Gauthier - Le prix de l'essence.

Special thanks to Phoebe Green for the translation

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